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For every item sold Wearable Words will donate 10 cents to the abused child trust


The iron on transfers that we provide are a high quality and durable polyurethane film with a matt (non reflective) finish. Due to the films excellent opacity and elasticity the transfer feels like a part of your garment.

Our iron on transfers suit fabrics like cotton, polyester/acrylic, polyester/cotton and most other fabrics, if your fabric can be ironed, you can iron your Wearable Words transfer onto it. This means that you can apply your Wearable Words to almost any garment: Jeans, T-Shirts, Sports Bags and also Banners & Flags.

Wearable Words is based in Australia which affords us the opportunity to test our product in some fairly serious conditions. If you don't already know how hot it can get here, or how harsh our sun is, just go and ask the nearest sunburnt back packer. You might think that we all get the same sunlight, but unless you are from Death Valley or north Africa you probably don't fully grasp just how quickly a shirt can fade out there.

This is how we can be sure that when looked after according to instruction, our transfers will outlast the garment they are applied to.

Have a look at the FAQ page for more information, or see below for instruction etc.

Bring your clothes to life (old or new):

Jeans, Shirts, jackets, shorts, t-shirts, underwear, aprons, bandanas, almost any fabric.
Go to "YOUR WORDS" section:
- Choose a size,
- Type in whatever,
- Choose your font style,
- Choose your colour
All sayings are shipped as one single transfer with word and line spacing as previewed on their respective pages.
After placing your order a team of hightly trained and well paid Rheesus monkeys swing into overdrive to make sure that you get your transfer in the mail as soon as possible. Get excited!!!
Iron on your Wearable Words:
Position your Wearable Words, clipart, characters, numbers, symbols or I love transfer on chosen garment and iron for 10 - 30 seconds.
Fabric ranges from cotton and polyester/cotton blends to polyester/acrylic and most other fabrics (Approx 98%).
For more information you can print our iron on instructions.
Wear them (anywhere):
Birthdays, corporate events, gifts, hens nights, staff parties, promotions, sport events, business marketing, etc.
Click here to view our handy instruction leaflet in PDF format. You can also check our the short version of the instructions here.